Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Who Are We?

Gobble up goodness!
Inspired by the word “gobble”, Gobbowl lives up to its name of being your quick stop for a hearty rice bowl, perfect for any time of the day. Nestling within WinCafé in Bukit Merah, this newly opened fast-casual stall prides on its own intriguing version of Japanese-inspired rice bowls curated by a former head chef of a renowned salad chain and ex-hotelier here in Singapore.

Gobbowl offers its own unique take on traditional Japanese rice bowls by adding in that special local flare. The menu features its selected combination bowls, grouped under Chef’s Creations, that have diverse flavours down to the base and up to the toppings.
Vision Statement

What makes a good rice bowl?
Affordable and delicious, our rice bowls are a perfect choice for appetites looking for a casual yet satisfying fill, serving a one-bowl meal packed with tender proteins, fancy toppings, and savoury sauces, for as low as $7.90.